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In addition to the remarkable population growth of Fukuoka, notably among the younger generation, Fukuoka's proximity to Asia is also attracting foreign companies to the city. We provide a complete service from development to tenant leasing and management, while promoting the enhancement of the value and attractiveness Fukuoka offers for the future.

Operation and Management, Further Investment, Raise the Value of the City, Development, Increase Competitiveness of the City

Developing offices that enhance the value and
attractiveness of Fukuoka's real estate

Creating offices that combine
design and functionality

Actively collaborating with prominent domestic and international architects such as Shohei Shigematsu, Michael Graves, and Schmidt Hammer Lassen not only provides new value to the city and its users, but also gives Fukuoka landmark status in Japan.

Creating Comfortable Office
Spaces with the Group's
Combined Strengths

Our combined development, management, and operation capabilities enable us to precisely understand our tenant's needs. We take onboard every request and respond with a wealth of expertise.

Top share of ownership and
management in Fukuoka sits
at approximately 12%

Of the approximately 800,000 tsubo (approx.265km²) office area in Fukuoka City, we have an approximately 12% share of owned and managed floors* and an average occupancy rate above 99%. Our goal is to gain further trust by responding to changes in the city flexibly and making full use of our experience.

  • *percentage of our managed floor space, to the whole rental floor space in the "Fukuoka Business District", defined in office market data provided by Miki Shoji Co.


Creating an environment where people can fulfill their dreams while
living in Fukuoka - responding to the next generation's workstyle.

With recent socio-environmental changes, telecommuting and remote meetings are gaining more and more traction, and how people work is showing signs of change. By continuing to change how we build offices, we will attract new companies and create an environment where people can fulfil their dreams, while living in Fukuoka.

Main Properties

Tenjin Business Center
A symbolic office designed by architect Shohei Shigematsu. This was the first Tenjin Big Bang project to feature a security gate, the first of its kind in Fukuoka for multi-office buildings.
Hakata FD Business Center
Designed by Danish architectural firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen, this office building features a sloping crystalline exterior.
Tenjin Business Center 2nd Phase Project(tentative)
Designed by architect Shohei Shigematsu. The building has a luxurious common area with a variety of functions to accommodate every work style.
Gofukumachi Business Center
Completed in 2003 by American architect Michael Graves, the building is leased by a variety of tenants, including a supermarket and clinic.



Tenjin Business

To embody the vision of "Make Fukuoka More Exciting",
we embarked on a project that marks the beginning of "Tenjin Big Bang".

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