Top Message

Just as the U.S.A. has many unique cities, other than New York - Miami and Seattle for instance - there exists a Japanese city that has a different growth trajectory to Tokyo and which radiates its own distinctive charm.

Here at Fukuoka Jisho, our goal is to make Fukuoka an exciting city where people can make big dreams come true.

While, in the past, we have developed and managed office buildings, hotels, residential, commercial and logistics facilities up to now, we are now attempting to develop new assets types, such as R&D facilities for life science industry, renewable energy power plants, data centers, etc. Our ambition is to make Fukuoka more competitive with other major Asian cities, for many years ahead.

We aren't just real estate developers, we also contribute to urban development from many different angles.

Partnerships with our tenants are crucial because they are not just lessees but business partners. In future, we will create new business opportunities by building/maintaining strong relationships with those domestic and international top-tier companies.

Our "Be Global" slogan means continued strengthening of ties with world-class designers, particularly in Europe and attracting more and more global companies to Fukuoka.

Fukuoka Jisho is formed of a small but select group of individuals, with a "passion" for Fukuoka - a developer that has taken on the challenge of urban development. That is why we value individual thoughts and opinions and provide a space in which people of any age can play an active role. Our diverse, passionate and enthusiastic team works to promote projects in collaboration with domestic and overseas clients alike.

The more attractive Fukuoka becomes, the more companies and individuals with dreams will gather. We will hold on to Fukuoka's younger generation, as they no longer need to go to Tokyo or Singapore to fulfill their dreams. Fukuoka Jisho Group - Japan's leader in city growth - will continue their mission 'For an Exciting Fukuoka'.

Representative Director, Fukuoka JishoIchiro Enomoto