We plan, develop, and now operate a wide range of retail facilities throughout Kyushu, including "Canal City Hakata", "Konoha Mall Hashimoto", and "Park Place Oita". These play a role in forming the nucleus of a community and contribute to regional revitalization.

retail facilities that grow with the community. Urban development tailored to the characteristics of the location. Creating mechanisms that make people want to come back again.

Developing retail facilities
that drive attractive urban development

Developing retail facilities
that attract people and contribute
to the creation of vibrant towns

We contribute to vibrant urban development by creating one-of-a-kind retail facilities that meet the characteristics of their locations and the needs of their users, such as "Canal City Hakata" a pioneering large-scale retail complex and "Konoha Mall Hashimoto", a community-based shopping mall.

Fun activities that
"make people want to come back"
in "safe, secure, and comfortable" space

We work with tenants to enhance activities that visitors can truly enjoy events and sales promotions, etc. We also provide a "safe, secure, and comfortable" environment through suitable maintenance.

Regional Sustainable Growth
through Facility Management
that Incorporates Urban

To increase the asset value of our retail facilities, we are always seeking to improve both hardware and software for mid to long-term urban development and will continue to grow with the community by taking on the challenges involved in operating parks around the facility and encouraging greater city-wide communication.


Revitalize the local community to boost Japan
from Kyushu through the collective strength of Fukuoka Jisho Group

From development to operation and maintenance, our combined services will continue to produce retail facilities with unique cutting-edge ideas, with the aim of revitalizing the region by providing spaces that "make you want to come back" and "make you fall ever more in love with the city".

Introduction of main facilities

Canal City Hakata
Japan's first full-scale retail complex opened in 1996 as an urban redevelopment project based on the concept of an "urban theater".
Marinoa City Fukuoka
Kyushu's first full-scale outlet mall and large specialty stores are concentrated in an open urban resort shopping mall that takes advantage of its waterfront location.
Konoha Mall Hashimoto
A lifestyle-oriented shopping mall rooted in daily life, in harmony with the local environment and community.
Park Place Oita
One of the largest wide-area regional shopping malls in Oita Prefecture, with multi-generational and multi-purpose use, creating a community of people in a rich natural environment.


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