New Business

Expanding our field of activity to the world and promoting various businesses, in order to create new business opportunities.


We are actively engaged in renewable energy projects to diversify energy sources and decarbonize the electricity used by the Fukuoka Jisho Group. By acquiring and operating diverse renewable energy assets, we contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly society.

Toward the realization of a
sustainable society

Solar power is generated on the roofs of the logistics facilities. Electricity generated is not only consumed at each facility, but surplus is automatically stored in our own office buildings. We are also actively working on acquiring assets in energy sectors other than solar power.

Startup Support

We invest in and provide hands-on support to startups from Fukuoka to help young, ambitious companies shine. We are also participators in the operation of Fukuoka Growth Next (FGN) , a joint public-private startup hub located in Fukuoka - backing up the creation of a future starting in Fukuoka. We will continue growing an ecosystem for business startups in the spirit to make Fukuoka a city where dreams come true.

Supporting startups in Fukuoka

FGN, which we participates in the operation, regularly holds mentoring events for startups and pitching events for investors. FGN contributes to their business growth through a variety of approaches, e.g. exploring the possibility of collaboration between invested companies and the Fukuoka Jisho Group and providing opportunities for demonstration experiments.

Life Sciences

The life science field is expected to be applied to a wide range of industrial area with technologies closely related to "living," "eating," and "dwelling". We aim to create a new industrial cluster in Fukuoka in collaboration with startups, corporates, universities, hospitals, and public institutions involved in the life science industry.

Making Fukuoka a center of
excellence for life science

We are developing new life science labs and incubation facilities in Fukuoka City providing a high-quality R&D environment and venues for innovation, while also contributing to improving technological capabilities and developing industries coming from Kyushu University.


To further establish our position as a hub in Asia, we are strengthening our ties with the fast-growing ASEAN countries and expanding our inbound and outbound networks.

Exchanges between Fukuoka and
ASEAN Countries

Since 2015, we have been working to develop properties and collaborative partners, focusing on investments in various assets. Against the backdrop of growing inbound demand in Japan, we are also strengthening business support for companies entering the Fukuoka market.




Fukuoka Jisho participates in FGN as an operator and plays a role in activating the startup community in Fukuoka.

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