We are shaking up the world of logistics, as we continue to create new attractions in the city. We have developed the "LOGICITY" series of logistics facilities in Fukuoka and Kyushu. From development to facility operation and logistics operations, we offer optimised logistics solutions that meet our customers' needs.


"LOGICITY" combines the words "logistics" and "city". As we have developed all kinds of facilities, from office buildings to retail facilities, hotels and residences, why don't we create both functional and well-designed high-quality logistics facilities as well.

Development of logistics facilities
"LOGICITY" to support a growing Fukuoka and Kyushu

Flexible logistics facilities to meet your needs, "LOGICITY"

At "LOGICITY," we strive to improve employee satisfaction through flexible layouts, and by also making convenience stores and lounges available. We can also develop logistics facilities that are tailor-made to meet our customers' business needs.

Centralized management to
ensure stable operations

We have established an efficient ESG-conscious maintenance and management system that includes management tasks such as building maintenance, as well as the installation of rooftop solar panels. We are able to respond quickly to any emergencies to ensure stable operations.


Logistics agency services that
also support sales channel expansion

We provide logistics services tailored to our customers' business needs. We handle all processes from picking, inspecting, packing, and shipping based on order information received online. We also support sales channel expansion, such as displaying products at retail facilities.


Connecting Fukuoka/Kyushu with Japan and the rest of the world
through logistics and contributing to regional revitalization and

We are planning to develop several logistics facilities around the urban areas of Fukuoka and Kyushu. In addition to responding to customer needs in detail, we contribute to sustainability through environmentally friendly design and facilities that provide high levels of employee satisfaction. Our logistics solutions connect Fukuoka/Kyushu with Japan and the rest of the world, supporting people's lives and the economy.

Main Properties

A multi-tenant facility that can accommodate multiple tenants. Flexible to meet tenant needs, ranging from approximately 3,000 tsubo (approx.9917km²) to approximately 12,800 tsubo (approx.42314km²) .
LOGICITY Minato Kashii North
Located in a port area near the center of Fukuoka City. A lounge on the ocean side of the top floor provides a space for relaxation.
A tailor-made (BTS-type) facility to be developed based on tenant needs. Consists of a warehouse building and a hazardous materials warehouse building.


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