History and Development

Born and bred in Fukuoka, eventually becoming a comprehensive developer and world pioneer

We have moved forward with a frontier spirit since our establishment as a financial institution insurance agency of Fukuoka Mutual Bank (at that time). As the one and only comprehensive developer, we have grown together with Fukuoka.

1961 - 1980


  • Fukuoka Jisho Co., Ltd. established as a corporation (capital of 10 million yen)

    Began operations as an insurance agency for Fukuoka Mutual Bank (now Nishi-Nippon City Bank).


  • Established Sunlife Corporation K.K.
    Sunlife Corporation K.K.


  • Head office relocated (3-21 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka)
  • Agency agreement concluded with American Family Life Insurance Company (now AFLAC Life Insurance Company)
  • Completion of Sunlife Building No. 1
  • Three Sunlife series condominiums and second Prince condominium sold
  • Completed construction of Uneed Ijiri Store


  • Completion of the 2nd Prince Building and Sunlife 2nd Building
  • Sold three Sunlife series condominiums
  • Completed construction of Uneed Yagatahara Store


  • Sold 7 Sunlife series condominiums
  • Completion of Daiei Hara Store


  • Acquired land for part of Canal City Hakata (former site of Kanebo factory)


  • Head office relocated (5-19, Hakataekihigashi 2-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka)
  • Sunlife Hotel, Inc. (now F.J. Hotels) established.
    Sunlife Hotel, Inc. (now F.J. Hotels)
  • Sunlife Hotel No. 1 building opened
  • Sunlife Building No. 3 completed


  • Kazuhiko Enomoto appointed President and Representative Director
  • Two Sunlife series condominiums sold


  • Establishment of TNC West Japan Cultural Circle Co.
  • Kashii Family Plaza (now Big Mart Building) completed

1981 - 2000


  • Completion of Daiei Jono Store.
  • Commenced sales of Sunlife Ogori Park Town.


  • Sunlife Kashii subdivision sales completed.


  • Kazuhiko Enomoto appointed as chairman of Junior Chamber of Japan
  • Sunlife Ropponmatsu lots for sale completed


  • Participates in Takamiya Area Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project


  • Acquires land for the Kashiihama project


  • Establishment of Pier Co.


  • Hotel Uminonakamichi (now The Luigans) opens
  • Takamiya Area Redevelopment Project (Pier Takamiya) sold
  • Completion of Pier Takamiya
  • Acquisition of land for the Momodohama project


  • Nexus Kashii lots for sale
  • Opening of hit Kurume Housing Exhibition Hall
  • Support for the New Zealand Pavilion at the Asia-Pacific Expo


  • Opening of the hit Yokatopia Dori West Housing Exhibition Hall (now Marina Dori)
  • Nexus Momochi for sale


  • Nexus World for sale


  • Hyatt Residential Suites Fukuoka (now The Residential Suites Fukuoka) opens
  • Nexus Seaside Momochi for sale


  • Sphinx Center Building completed / Hyatt Regency Fukuoka opens
  • hit Kashiihama Exhibition Hall opens.
  • Construction of Canal City Hakata begins


  • Establishment of Hakata Heat Supply Co.
  • Sunlife Umi Kamiyamate sold


  • Establishment of Fukuoka City Theatre Co.
  • Completion of The Mall Kokura


  • Head office relocated (1-2-25 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)
  • Canal City Hakata opens / Grand Hyatt Fukuoka opens
  • Nexus Momochi Residential Tower sold
  • Canal City Business Center Building completed


  • F.J. Real Estate Inc. established
  • Munakata Common Genkai Koen-dori for sale


  • Hakata Ekimae Business Center completed


  • Opened Marinoa City Fukuoka

2001 - 2020


  • Renewal of Canal City Hakata Megastore Building (now South Building)
  • Opening of Ramen Stadium
  • Park Place Oita Park Avenue sold


  • Canal Entertainment Works Inc. (now FJ Entertainment Works Inc.) established
    Canal Entertainment Works Inc. (now FJ Entertainment Works Inc.)
  • Park Place Oita opened
  • Completion of Ohaku-dori Business Center


  • Kazuhiko Enomoto appointed Chairman
  • River Walk Kitakyushu opened
  • Completion of Gofukumachi Business Center


  • Second expansion of Marinoa City Fukuoka (Outlet II building)
  • Family World opens
  • Nishishin condominiums sold
  • hit Kashiihama Housing Exhibition Hall
  • Onojo Housing Exhibition Hall opened
  • Tenjin Kirameki Dori Building (new Iwataya building) completed
  • AEON Kashiihama Shopping Center completed


  • Fukuoka Jisho Co., Ltd. and F.J. Urban Development Co. merger
  • Established Fukuoka Jisho Senior Life Co.
  • Fukuoka REIT Corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Fukuoka Stock Exchange
  • River Walk Kitakyushu is renovated.
  • Opening of the hit Kokura Minami Housing Exhibition Hall.
  • Will Mark Kashiihama opens.


  • Square Mall Kagoshima Ujuku opens.
  • Kumamoto Inter Community Shopping Center opens.


  • Marinoa City Fukuoka 3rd floor expansion (Outlet III building)
  • Hanabatake Shopping Center opens.
  • Kurume Higashi Kushibara Shopping Center opens.


  • Forza Oita opens
  • Acquisition of Nikko Building and Nishinippon Building
  • Three Nexus buildings (Fujisaki Square, Libero Onojo Ekimae, Beppu) sold
  • Renewal of hit Marina Street Housing Exhibition Hall
  • Anero Takamiya and Class Keyakidori completed


  • Fukuoka City Club merger with G.H. Fukuoka and establishes F.J. Hotels Co.
  • Nexus Takamiya Terrace sold
  • Completion of Higashi Hie Business Center
  • Acquisition of Fukuoka Kogin Building


  • Canal City Theater opens
  • Two Nexus buildings (Fujisaki Casa and Nishi-Shin) sold
  • Acquisition of Tokio Marine Nichido Hakata Building (now Meiji-dori Business Center)


  • 50th anniversary of foundation
  • Inauguration of President and Representative Director
  • Canal City Hakata East Building opens
  • Konoha Mall Hashimoto opens


  • Acquisition of Tenjin Central Place
  • Renewal of Canal City Hakata South Building
  • River Walk Kitakyushu renewal
  • Nexus Ropponmatsu and Nexus Muromi sold
  • Hotel Forza Hakata (Chikushi Exit) opens


  • Nexus Ohori Midori-tei Residence for sale
  • Nexus Yakuin for sale
  • Nexus Mansion Gallery Yakuin opens


  • Establishment of Fukuoka Jisho R&I Co.
  • Forza Nagasaki opens
  • Utilia Hakata opens
  • Acquisition of Fukuoka Tenjin Dai-ichi Seimei Building


  • Avispa Fukuoka becomes a Premium Partner
  • Ichiro Enomoto appointed President and Representative Director
  • Singapore Representative Office established
  • Nexus Ohori condominium sold
  • Chofu Hakata Business Center completed
  • Nexus Yakuin 2-chome lots for sale


  • Establishment of Singapore Branch
  • Canal City Hakata celebrates its 20th anniversary with Japan's largest 3D projection mapping and a new fountain "Aqua Panorama"
  • Completion of Higashi Hie Business Center II
  • Nexus Ohori Koen wins the 2016 Good Design Award


  • Canal Entertainment Works Inc. and Park Place Oita Inc. merged to form FJ Entertainment Works Inc.
  • Sunlife Co., Ltd. merged with Hakata Heat Supply Co.
  • Fukuoka Growth Next established
  • Nexus Nishishin 2-chome sold
  • Hotel Forza Hakata Station Hakata-guchi opens
  • Renewal of the 1st floor of the south wing of Marinaside, Marinoa City Fukuoka
  • Hotel Forza Hakata (Chikushi Exit) Annex building opens
  • Grand Hyatt Fukuoka restaurant "THE MARKET F" opens


  • Became a premium partner of Avispa Fukuoka
  • Canal City Hakata reaches a record high of 17 million visitors in fiscal year 2017/totalling 300 million visitors
  • hit Akeno Housing Exhibition Hall opens
  • Konoha Mall Hashimoto Garden Court renewed
  • Fukuoka Growth Next renovated


  • NOBOLT one of the largest indoor sports and athletic facilities in Japan opens in Marinoa City Fukuoka opens
  • Hotel Forza Kanazawa opens
  • Hotel Forza Osaka Kitahama opens


  • LOGICITY Minato Kashii North established
  • Hotel Forza Hakata Station Chikushi Exit II opens
  • Hotel Forza Sapporo Ekimae opens
  • FJ Asset Management Co., Ltd. established
    FJ Asset Management Co., Ltd.

2021 - Present


  • Tenjin Business Center completed
  • Hotel Forza Nagoya Sakae opens
  • Hotel Forza Osaka Namba Dotonbori opens
  • Hotel Forza Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi opens


  • FJ.Logi Co., Ltd. established
    FJ.Logi  Co., Ltd.
  • FJ. Business Solutions Co., Ltd. established
    FJ. Business Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • Tenjin Inachika opens


  • Hakata FDBusiness Center completed
  • LOGICITY Koga completed
  • FJ Urban Operations Co., Ltd. established
    FJ Urban Operations Co., Ltd.
  • Hakata FD Business Center and Inabacho-dori Underground Passageway wins the 2022 Good Design Award