Fukuoka Jisho's Passion

Fukuoka is the fastest-evolving city in Japan, and nobody can imagine what shape it will take in
the next era.
Fukuoka Jisho continues to support the growth and evolution of this vibrant city by connecting
people, goods and services and promoting their interaction.
This in turn creates energy and passion among the inhabitants.
The evolution of the city is expected to further accelerate in coming years,
turning it into one of the most unique cities in the world.
At Fukuoka Jisho, we continue to lead, while significantly contributing to Fukuoka’s further growth
and development.
"For an Exciting Fukuoka."
This is our mission.



The future we create:

The future we create:
For the people
For the people
People are what give a city its charm, and this attracts more people to it. We are here to build places and experiences that perpetuate this cycle.
For the businesses
For the businesses
One of our important jobs is to make companies find value in moving into Fukuoka, We take the leadership to attract more companies and grow the economies of Kyushu, Japan and Asia as a whole, from Fukuoka.
For the city
For the city
We aim to build an urban infrastructure, both hardware and software, that supports all aspects of city life.


Born and bred in Fukuoka,
we can shape the future of our city.


Development capability to always look one step ahead and enhance the attractiveness of the city with new ideas.
We take on the challenge of building mechanisms that drive creativity and innovation. We are always ahead of the curve and have the development capability to continue building a new Fukuoka.


Operational capability to respond flexibly to changing times and social needs.
Our job is not over upon completion of the buildings and facilities construction. We have the flexibility and organizational skills to meet the ever-growing challenges of business, as the city of Fukuoka evolves.


A 'frontier spirit' to open up the future.
Our strong local network attracts people and businesses alike. With a love for Fukuoka and a frontier spirit, capable of lateral thinking, we are here to accelerate the growth cycle of the people, businesses and the city.